School Assemblies

For grades k thru 8 Age appropriate for audience level

Although times have changed over the years I believe honesty, being responsible for one’s actions, tolerance and making the right choices are just as important now as it was 20 years ago, maybe more so considering the times we live in. Students show interest and respond to programs that are humorous, interactive and relatable in today’s environment. Using 20 years of experience in the school setting as both a performer and teacher has helped my insight on what students appreciate and how information is retained.


Program 1: SELF ESTEEM

Our self esteem show titled “Don’t be a dummy for your friends.” Our most popular program and is designed for all ages.


Our Anti-Smoking show is titled “It’s easier to stop if you never start.” (Can be used in conjunction with Red Ribbon Week)

Program 3: FUN/COMEDY

We have a fun comedy show for you. A fun filled, laugh a minute show featuring Corny Crow. Perfect for Reward assembly, family evening dinners, school carnivals.