Program 3: Fun/Comedy

Great show pure fun and laughter with ventriloquism while juggling, a bit of magic, songs and lots of audience participation…culminating in having students (and sometimes teachers!) volunteering as Steve’s people puppets who answer Steve’s questions and sing songs in comical voices much to the delight of the audience.

While performing Steve and Corny teach a little ventriloquism and to the students who love to find out “How do you do that?”

A unique show for all ages…classroom workshops are also available for the older grades, the secrets of ventriloquism revealed up close.

“Grabs the students’ attention and does not let go, very well done and is wonderful watching the older students let go and laugh uncontrollably.”

– Judd Simons, Principal Rohnert Park

“Cool show, the best one we’ve ever had here”…“I laughed so much I couldn’t even talk to my friends during the assembly”…“How do you do that?”…“Man, I can’t believe how much I laughed, my mouth hurts.”…“It was cool how you made my friends talk like puppets, that was so funny.”

– 4th and 5th graders, Simi Valley CA

“We have performed with Steve and his buddy “Corny” for years and have always enjoyed their antics as much as, if not more, that his audience. Their fast-paced style is great with kids and adults, very funny and highly recommended for any event.”

– Lori and RJ, Cotton Candy Express