Pre-School Show

Entertainment for: Family events, Classroom shows, Graduation shows, Holiday shows, Carnival shows

Steve and Corny visit over 100 pre-schools each year with a show that is humorous and entertaining for young children. Steve starts each show with his furry puppet, Corny, in his big black box. Steve jokes around with the children about puppets and how they are not real but by using one’s own voice a person could make a puppet seem real. Steve does not try to fool the young children that the puppet is real and can talk by himself and during the Steve shows the children how the puppet seems to be able to talk. During each Steve presents several different types of puppets (sock puppets, marionettes, talking juggling rubber ball, hand puppets). Also, using real people as puppets with funny voices is a real big hit, especially when teachers “volunteer”, very comical.

All shows include laughter, songs, learning with alphabet jokes and song, laughter, animal jokes, age appropriate humor, laughter, a bit of juggling with the puppet (did I mention laughter?)

“Kinder Care has Steve perform at several of our schools each summer, they are so much fun and the humor is perfect for our kids, they love ‘Corny’ and his corny jokes.”

– Kim, Director of Kinder Care, Cupertino

“I think our teachers enjoy the show just as much as our children do. Steve has been coming to our school for years with his puppet’s funny jokes and very witty songs that the kids love repeating.”

– Cheri, Director of Bianchi School, Walnut Creek

“Great show, our kids love having Steve and his puppet, Corny, every year. Very funny guy.”

– Amanda, Owner of Big City Montessori, So. San Francisco

“Steve has been to our school many times and will be back many times…his humor is right on for pre-schoolers.”

– Ms. Tyson, owner of ATLC pre-school, San Jose

“Steve is always a hit at our holiday parties, highly recommended, they handle this age group wonderfully.”

– Marilyn, Director of Mandala School, San Jose

“Steve comes every year to our pre-school graduation and our kids love that puppet, Corny, and of course they think Steve is kind of funny, too.”

– Jill, Director of St. Paul’s Lutheran pre-school, Mountain View