Learn Ventriloquism DVD

Learn the ancient art of ventriloquism with ancient ventriloquist (just kidding)
Steve Chaney and Cornelius “Corny” Crowe

Steve’s popular VHS video on how to learn the art of Ventriloquism is now available in DVD format for the first time. This unique program has been used by teachers, entertainers, children and adults all around the world for the past 20 years…Steve and his comical puppet, “Cornelius” teach, amaze and explain the mystery of ventriloquism in a humorous, educational and easy to understand way. For ages 8 thru adult.

“Ventriloquist Steve Chaney takes viewers through the basic exercises and offers useful instruction to those who wish to learn the illusion of “throwing” ones’ voice…and this tape will be in demand constantly”

– The 1993 School Library Journal

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