Program 2: Anti-Smoking

For grades k thru 8 Age appropriate for audience level

Corny Crow says, “It’s easier to stop if you never start.”


This program is similar to the self-esteem show involving humor, making the right choices and peer pressure with the exception the message is clear. We all know that students don’t need excuses to fail but need reasons to succeed and discussing health risks of smoking and why kids start will enable students to see that making the right choices when pertaining to their body is a big part of learning.

This program centers around the theme of cigarette smoking, what effects smoking has on a body, why kids start smoking (peer pressure is the biggest reason, states the American Cancer Society). Corny and I role play and the students help with answers when we discuss ways of telling your friends no.

This show, as with all our shows, is age conscious as to who we are performing for. For the younger students I add large cigarette puppet to talk about the problems of smoking and smoke. The older students will see more talk on peer pressure while use two volunteers as puppets in a comical sequence that emphasis’s the importance of not letting friends talk for you.

Our goal, after the performance, is for each student not to only have laughed and learn a little ventriloquism, but to come away with a little more information to help them when faced with a decision.

“Thank you for your efforts in the fight against cancer, you and “Corny” were terrific. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.”

– Terry Spice, American Cancer Society

“In my opinion, you were the hit of the program…your skills at entertaining children and adults, while relaying very important self-esteem and self loving messages, is truly an art.”

– Theresa O’hara, Community Programs Mgr. American Lung Association