Program #1: Self Esteem

Don’t be a Dummy for your Friends
With Corny Crow

Our most popular program is designed for all grade levels with content adjusted for grade levels. This fun and entertaining show emphasis’s making the right choices and feeling good about what is right, despite what friends say. We discuss positive and negative peer pressure, what peer pressure is and some ideas on how to deal with pressure from friends. The theme of “Don’t be a dummy for your friends” is comically illustrated with two audience volunteers that I turn into puppets by giving each a different voice. As my puppets they answer with funny responses that illustrate how our friends can sometimes influence our choices, almost like putting words in our mouths, sometimes in a negative way.

The show is comical but with the definite message that making the right choices help build one’s self esteem, knowing that they are forming positive habits that will give them positive habits for the future.