Children's Parties

Steve and Corny present a unique, fun filled show for children of all ages. Having a puppet respond to the children with songs and jokes is something most have never seen, especially since the puppet is sitting right there on Mr. Steve’s knee, seemingly alive. Perfect for birthday parties, picnics, holiday shows, block parties and family get togethers. Either at home or visiting a child’s classroom is something they will not forget. Birthday child receives a copy of Steve’s children picture book “The Puppet in the big Black Box” featuring his puppet, Corny.

Children 8 years and over received a copy of Steve’s “Learn Ventriloquism” video that teaches how to seemingly throw your voice. Steve learned the art of Ventriloquism when he checked out a book at the library when he was 8 years old. All children receive book marks of “Corny” and Steve.

All shows can be altered to fit any birthday theme.

“Wow, it was fun for us adults to watch the faces of our children laugh uncontrollably at that furry puppet, Corny.”

– Liz, Kathy and Becca, moms

“I’m very impressed to see an entertainer keep the attention of 3 and 4 year olds for such a long time.”

– John, Dad