“That was the best puppet show I have ever seen in my entire life”

– Kyle, San Carlos library…5 years old, too funny.

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“Corny” and I have the pleasure of visiting 50 libraries annually presenting a fun and entertaining program for all ages. During each show we entertain and talk about various forms of puppetry (marionettes, sock puppets, hand puppets, people puppets) and their uses in a comical presentation that includes audience participation, juggling with Corny and a magic trick or two and plenty of laughter. I ask for volunteers and we have fun turning them into people puppets with funny character voices that is always a hit with the audience. I’m able to discuss what ventriloquism is and a little history of “throwing your voice” and during the show I teach a little ventriloquism that they could practice with.

The show is very compatible to most summer themes and, as always, laughter is guaranteed. We talk about and show several books during the show on puppetry, juggling, magic (and ventriloquism, but those books are so hard to find) and joke books and the importance of imagination and the importance of reading. I relate how I checked out my first book on ventriloquism when I was 8 years old.